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Photo Gallery - Antarctic Expedition(2005-2006)

The PRISM grant sent two teams to Antarctica this year. The first left on December 1 to set up the equipment, before the rest of the team arrived. The second team followed on December 18. The research was conducted on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet at WAIS Divide camp. The galleries are made up of photos taken by different team members and chronicle our scientific and personal experiences. All links in this page are open in a new window so if you wanted to get back to this page while you're in the galleries, just close the window.

New Zealand
Many U.S. funded science teams going to Antarctica fly from the United States to Aukland, NZ where they clear customs. They then fly to Christchurch, NZ where they spend a minimum of one night. This gallery looks at the experience the group had while in New Zealand before and after their Antarctic trip.
McMurdo Station, Antarctica
McMurdo is the largest U.S. research station in Antarctica. Many science teams do all their work while based here. Others, like PRISM, will spend several days in McMurdo, before heading out to a field camp. This gallery shows you some of the McMurdo experience.
Field Safety Camp
Also known by the name, Happy Camper School, the Field Safety Training school is held out on McMurdo Sound on the ice shelf. It is mandatory training for all personnel who will be in field camps while in Antarctica. Sometimes other personnel also participate because it is a very interesting experience.
PRISM at West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Camp (WAIS)
WAIS Divide camp is a fairly large and luxurious camp by Antarctic standards. This is because this camp is currently getting a lot of science groups and will get even more in the next few years due to International Polar Year Work that will be done here. This gallery shows you around the camp and looks at the different types of work carried out by members of the PRISM team.
Other Scientists at WAIS
While we were at WAIS there were two other radar groups studying the ice sheet. In addition, there was a group from the University of Wisconsin who were drilling ice cores. Their site was called the “small drill” site to distinguish it from the “big drill” site that was being constructed for work during the International Polar year. This gallery contains photos of the work of the small drill team as well as a few photos of other groups.

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